Preparing your Jaguar V3 for the next season.

Medium wave DXers that are using Jaguar might scratch their head when awaking from their summer sleep and see where Version 3 hase gone. There are lots of changes. Here I am trying to give a glimp of all new things. The HOME screen (former Groove) looks now like this.You can toggle between the new vertical and the old horizontal screen by ALT-V. It makes sense to switch on the Slider bar on top of the screen in the settings. The TRACKER screen keeps track of what frequencies and times you have already listened. The DAYSCAN (former Summaries) can now be build up automatically in the background. The new Jaguar Compass gives direct access to a lot of functions. And here is an example of a screen with added STICKERS.

Move from Walsoorden to Veurne Knollehof

The Walsoorden site has been moved to